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Hazrat Sultan Bahu (Allah Bless His Soul)Sultan ul Arifeen (King of Arifeen – the Highest grade of Sufism) Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahu was born at Shorkot in 1039 A.H. Shorkot is the Tehsil headquarter of District Jhang of Punjab. His father Hazrat Muhammad Bazayd was a pious man, a jurist who learnt Quran by heart and he was the commandant of the Shor fort during the reign of Mughal emperor Shahjahan. His mother Hazrat Bibi Raasti was a saint of high caliber. He belonged to Awan caste and was the descendant of Hazrat Ali. His mother got the intuition that soon a saint par excellence would be born to her who would fill the face of the earth with his mental illumination and spirituality and she should name him “Bahu”. There Mai Sahiba gave him the name “Bahu”. He was a saint by birth and his spiritual guidance started from his early childhood. A Non-Muslim who happened to look at his illuminated face immediately converted to Islam by reciting the Shahada. Non-Muslims became so scared of this miracle of Hazrat Bahu that a delegation consisted of their leading men met his father and requested him to make an announcement whenever this child was about to leave the house, so that they should remain in their homes and could be saved from conversion.

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